Top Five Things You Won’t Want to Miss at All Nations Worship Assembly Chicago

CHICAGO, June 7, 2017 – All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA) Chicago invites visitors and guests to experience God in several touch points throughout the church.

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of getting to church in time to hear the preached word can cause you to miss the little experiences that are subtle reminders of God’s love. We have compiled this list of All Nations Worship Assembly’s ‘People Experiences’ that exist to remind you that you are loved.

  1. Parking can be a challenge when you have over 3000 members. But thanks to the Levitical Order (ANWA’s assembly of men who serve) the pain of parking or walking in the rain begins to lose its sting. These joyful men are always willing to direct traffic, help mothers carry their children, or hold an umbrella over your head as you enter the church.
  2. Who likes walking into someone’s house for the first time without someone to greet you or assist you with where to go? Don’t worry, our team of Evangelists and hosts are at the door, ready to welcome you home.
  3. Ever had a question that needed an immediate answer? The team operating our Welcome Desk is always ready and willing to answer your questions about anything from suggested restaurants to New Member class registration. We consider them the concierge to God’s house.
  4. Our first and second rows are not filled with untouchable celebrities. We have intentionally staffed these rows with our Pastors and Elders who are always willing to greet and pray for our guests and express the power of healing and deliverance at our altar.
  5. Looking for the perfect take-home item from your visit to ANWA? Visit our cheerful bookstore team for suggestions of items to bring back to your friends and family members.

“Our Godly experience isn’t limited to ANWA’s senior leaders and the preached word, but it is deep-rooted in everything and everyone that makes up the All Nations Worship Assembly environment.” – Pastor Mike Martin, Executive Pastor

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