The vision of All Nations Worship Assembly is to create an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can be transformed, challenged and developed into the leader God has called them to be.
Our vision is to help usher mankind into unprecedented intimacy with God through a radical revelation of the Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of the Kingdom. We endeavor to penetrate the world with the message of social, cultural and spiritual reformation through teaching, relationships and missions.




To build a strong family of disciples with a heart to change the world, create a consistent atmosphere of worship, intimacy and visitation from the Lord.

We aim to provide a place of training, nurturing and equipping for World Changers. herald and demonstrate the message of world revival and reformation.

WE endeavor to restore honor and integrity to the family unit and o create an Apostolic resource center and hub to supply the 7 sectors of society with change agents.

To create a platform for creative expression through the arts and drama.

To promote racial, generational and gender unity for the purposes of God.


C – Cultural/Social Transformation
H – Harvesting Cities & Nations (SOULS)
A – Apostolic Teams & Church Planting
L – Linking Together Families
L – Leadership Development & Deployment
E – Educating & Equipping the Saints
N – New Perspectives of “CHURCH”
G – Generational Unity and Impact
E – Excelling in HEALTHY LIVING