Chicago, Illinois – All Nations Worship Assembly is thrilled to announce the creation of The Well Media Group who will debut its first album from The Well entitled, Worship at the Well, available Fall 2017 distributed by Entertainment One Nashville.

The Well Media Group, is more than just another independent label, it is the vision of Dr. Matthew & Dr. Kamilah Stevenson, and is an integral artist enterprise where the “creatives” can collaborate through sight, sound and song when at its zenith, presents a masterpiece that compels the heart to Christ. Simply put, The Well Media Group will not just be a record label, but a place where all those involved in the arts can work jointly in a static free environment.

“Worship at the Well” will be recorded live Saturday, July 29th 2017 to conclude the Deeper Still Conference. This worship collaboration will feature artists: Naomi Raine, Rahkii, Jeremy Kelsey, Emory Diggs, Rosmery Bethel, Kenneth Nole, Triv Graham, Cristabel Clack, Darius Brown, Woody Vereen, Isaac Tarver, David Wilford & Jason Long as well as ANWA praise teams, dancers, minstrels, painters & sculptors.

With Dr. Matthew Stevenson serving as CEO and Michael Weatherspoon as President, Dr. Matthew Stevenson believes, “musical innovation is needed more now than ever to arm us with fresh sounds for hard times. Lyrical potency is going to be a hope resource while our history is being crafted and our culture is being redefined”.