Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson, III is a global influencer, culturalist and visionary, violently raised up by God during this complex moment in history.  As a decorated scholar and former professional academic, he uses his background to complement his leadership style and approach to strategy. He has traveled to 19 nations and published seven books.  His public ministry dates back to 1999 and he has served as the founder and senior pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly for 15 years. He is gaining international momentum as the founder of one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing urban charismatic movements. All Nations Worship Assembly is one church in ten locations and is home to over 15,000 people combined.


Dr. Stevenson’s ministry is earmarked by powerful preaching, bold delivery and unusual supernatural activity. Intensely gifted in the prophetic, thousands around the world have been dramatically impacted by his very timely, direct, and specific prophetic words. Dr. Stevenson actively provides spiritual support to entertainers, professional athletes, politicians and business executives.  He is an apostolic leader with the Father’s heart entrenched in his life. As an overseer, he is responsible for many churches through the All Nations Network, a conglomerate of autonomous ministries that look to Dr. Stevenson for spiritual covering. His greatest accomplishment and joy is serving his wife in life and love, and being a rock and provider for his three natural children.


A gatherer of information and possessor of revelation knowledge describes the ministry of Dr. Kamilah Stevenson, the wife of Dr. Matthew Stevenson, and a cutting edge minister in her own right. She is a powerful communicator of the word of truth to a generation indifferent towards the Church and the message of the Gospel.

In addition to her responsibilities alongside her husband as the co-senior leader of the thriving All Nations Worship Assembly of Chicago, IL, she is also the Founder and Vision Holder of Pneuma Life Ministries, a healing, wholeness and missions organization. The goal of the organization is to minister the Gospel of Grace to the whole man – spirit, soul and body.
A provocative and radical reacher, she has committed herself to being and training others to become living epistles to be read of men, even in the darkest of places. She is a published author, a degreed counselor, and an advocate of physical health, emotional health, spiritual and soul maturity.