Our vision is to promote mental, emotional and spiritual health through strategies employed from the word of God and effective psychological techniques. We will provide members of ANWA with, a safe environment to receive sound pastoral counseling and care from our trained counselors and ministry leaders.

Our mission is to provide a wholistic approach to healing and restoration from trauma and various life circumstances. We will serve individuals, couples and families who are experiencing hardship or simply desire direction for their spiritual walk. 

Our care will be biblically based offering consultation and advice to members of our congregation with basic mental health knowledge. We encourage our members to continue with their professional counseling services in addition to the care we will offer. 



This form is for couples preparing for marriage. Our marriage counselors will take couples through approximately 6 counseling sessions in preparation for life as a married couple.




his form is for individuals who are in need of general pastoral guidance. Whether you are seeking guidance on a big move or dealing with loss of a loved one, we have resources for you.


This form is for Married couples who are interested in “Marriage Maintenance.” Whether you are experiencing difficult times as a couple or simply desire to strengthen your bond as a couple, we have the resources for you.


This form is for individuals who are experiencing extreme hardship. We have an urgent care team that will be available to assist you with guidance within 12-24 hours of submitting your request.