When visiting All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA), you will enjoy contemporary worship with our growing community of diverse believers, experience unrestrained intimacy with the Holy Spirit, receive deliverance, and you will be healed and activated to make a lasting impact in the World through teachings and trainings designed to help unlock your full potential in Christ.

ANWA began in the winter of 2003, following a series of events and prophetic experiences, when it became clear in the heart of Dr. Matthew Stevenson that he was to found a work in the city of Chicago. Beginning with an initial launch team of 8 people, services were held on Friday nights for 8 months. Sunday services officially launched in June of 2004, inducing a history of fervent prayer, fixated worship, and life-altering teaching. Over a short span of time, ANWA began hosting highly impactful conferences that are attended by national and international believers from all walks of life.

Most recently, ANWA made a historic debt free purchase of a new church building in Chicago’s South Side community. To date, All Nations Worship Assembly has continued to grow at an aggressive rate and is host several programs, mission trips, and events for the community. This is a church that is thriving as she fulfills her destiny to be a local ministry that reaches toward the nations.